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Monthly Archives: September 2020



Food Truck Fridays and Blood Drive

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Jim

Listen up…Do we have a day for you.

Friday October 2nd, Force 5 is hosting two events.


If you’re hungry, come on over for one of our "Food Truck Fridays." We’ll have several local food trucks, including Mexican, Italian, Venezuelan and good ol’ American! 

Not hungry or don’t have time but wanna support your community? Donate blood.


South Bend Medical Foundation has teamed up with Force 5 to help battle the blood shortage in our community.


 Please join us Friday October 2nd at 1433 Northside Boulevard in South Bend; blood drive starts at 10; food trucks start at noon.

Help answer the call. Help support our community. And you’ll get a $10 gift card from Martin’s Or Hacienda.


For more information go to Force 4 Good face book page: that’s Force 4 Good. See you on Friday October 2nd; grab some food; donate blood; support your community.


Selecting A Strategic Partner Is Like "The Mash"

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Jim

By Bob Earley

I often drive around our cities and neighborhoods as I go from client meetings, shopping, eating, and just getting away from some of the daily chaos.  Like many of you, work can be very trying and intense. Hopefully, you have a way to have a release from the stresses of work. At our place, we get to enjoy what we call “Wine Down Fridays” where we gather as a group enjoying our favorite “beverages” and destress; mine is whiskey (note the spelling; know why??)


Recently as I was enjoying my “spirit”, I started thinking about how something so good is made. Then I remembered my trip on the “bourbon trail” in Kentucky; it’s about the mash.


Mash is the process of combining grains and mixing it with water, then applying heat to distill it. Now, I admit this explanation is my very basic interpretation of the process. There’s great skill, patience, and craftsmanship that goes in to the “mashing” and distilling process.  When complete, the master distiller has created something that is unique to him and is enjoyed by many. Selecting a strategic partner could be a similar process; kind of.


Like the spirits, there are so many agencies that “specialize” in some aspect of marketing and advertising. Choosing one takes time and should be selected based on your needs. And, over the years, your needs may change which require you to select another agency, or even a second one that complements the primary one.  


What’s important is to keep in mind of the ever-changing landscape in marketing. There are so many more marketing solutions available and so many “shiny new toys” than ever before that it’s easy to become distracted and taken off point from your company’s strategic plan. Don’t choose because someone says to “you gotta try this.” Continue shaping your company from a good one to a great one by selecting a strategic partner who is as knowledgeable about the many facets of marketing as the great distillers are in their trade and one who aligns with your needs and then, “wine down.”