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Black Hat SEO will git you run out of town Pardner

J.C. Penny got caught with their hand in the SEO cookie jar - and got busted them. White Hat and Black Hat, there is a difference.

Tags Give Starcraft Marine a Place in the Sun…

In the dreary days of January and February, many of us find a boat show on the weekend—letting us dream of warmer days, sand and sun filled holidays, and hours on the nearest lake.

Sitting on a boat inside a convention center doesn’t quite fill the bill—does it? This year, Starcraft Marine decided to help boating enthusiast get to that “happy place” in their mind a little quicker… with the help smart phone technology and QR codes. When the Starcraft marine marketing staff planned their new product launch and winter show activities, Peter Barrett, Executive Vice President of Marketing wanted Starcraft customers to experience the joys of boating by showing them beautiful video footage of their boats on the water while highlighting the numerous Starcraft features that had received high marks in independent tests. . To convey the most current videos and information to their customers, Starcraft decided to use smart tag codes in their promotional materials. Steve Huber, Marketing coordinator at Starcraft considered QR codes and Microsoft tags as potential ways to do this. Steve asked Force 5 to help investigate the viability of the code/tag process.

Fractured Culture

Americans now live in a culture of multiple communities and cultures no longer broken down by geography, ethnicity, religion or age. It’s a fractured culture - and that's a good thing.

Super Bowl XLV Ads: Show, Sell or Shock?

Super Bowl ads have become an event all in themselves over the years. Unexpected hilarity, moving stories, elaborate CG effects all are pieced together to make impressions on viewers. But does their strategy pay off?

Switching to Chrome or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ads

A few weeks ago I was reading the usual list of technology sites and came across an interesting debate on how Microsoft is planning to embed ad blocking technology into its browser, while Google and Mozilla will not. The items that were discussed got be thinking about what I use and how that relates to the Web as a whole.

When Marketers Should Make BIG Promises

I believe your authenticity can alter my reality. I believe that when you believe what you are saying, you actually shape the outcome of my experience.

A Force 5 Client in the News - Tobacco Free St. Joseph County

Tobacco Free St. Joseph County website

Recently in the local news WNDU reported how the "Freedom from Smoking" program started last week. The report was based off of the Tobacco free program in St. Joseph County which is involved in helping the public stop smoking.

Top 5 Game Changing Tech Stories of 2010

2010 was a big year for the tech industry. New markets became relevant, Facebook reminded us no one is anonymous, web technologies were given a second look, and TV was rethought.

A Satisfying Promise

I mean, who would drive hundreds of miles to see "The Most Lame Show on Earth?"