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How Digital Content Consumption is Shaping Tech Innovation

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a shift from what we know as your typical computer. A few years ago (heck all the way back to the Apple II), computers, more or less, took the same form; A monitor, CPU, with a mouse and keyboard. Recently, with the onslaught of touch screen smartphones, we’ve seen a convergence of computers and mobile phones. This blurs the all-to-familiar lines, effectively creating a separate market for each. How we are consuming content is changing just as much.

Social Media for your business - part of your integrated strategy

The percentage of small business engaged in social media has not increased and analysts believe it’s because expectations have somewhat outpaced accomplishments. But there were two areas where accomplishments exceed expectations. Small business owners say that using social media has allowed them to stay engaged with current customers and it has improved internal collaboration efforts. This is an important strategy. By listening to your customers, and engaging them, your success for loyalty is increased. However, this doesn't come without a cost.

The Value of QR Codes

QR CodeYou've probably seen them. Tucked in the lower corner of a magazine ad, on the back of a business card, on a bus sign or even on the entire side of a building. It's an increasing trend in advertising that some say is a fad, and some say the next great new way to promote.

Facebook vs. your Brand Site

400 million…500 million…..and still growing. Whether you “like” it (pun intended) or not—Facebook is dominant in helping companies build relationships with their clients. Is there still a place for the web?

Reversing the Childhood Obesity Trend (is a Big Idea!)

As a marketer I’m always looking for inspiration, and I’m certain most of us who work in the industry would like nothing more than to conceptually develop and execute the next big idea.  Some of you might wonder what I mean – big idea seems slightly vague I assume.  In this instance I liken a big idea to something that is life changing, or big enough perhaps to become a movement.