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How-To: Create a Simple Slideshow Header in Drupal 7

UPDATE: Since the posting of this article there has been dramatic improvements by the community and now this is no longer the best way to implement this feature. We now use the "Views Slideshow," found at: http://drupal.org/project/views_slideshow. We have used this method to create the various slideshows for the City of South Bend at www.SouthBendOn.com.

One of the more common design elements of modern webpage design is a large content area on the landing page of a website. Though there are some Drupal 7 themes that have this feature already (Marinelli comes to mind), what if you want to use a different base theme (like Zen)? In this How-To I will discuss how Force 5 created a simple slideshow that can be used in any theme.

Why Facebook launched the Send button

Facebook on Monday launched a new way to share content online - the Send button. While the functionality is nothing new, how you share content with friends may change with this new process of sharing. Facebook's goal is to be that "pipe" in which you share more and more information, ultimately learning much more about you so it can deliver specific and targeted advertising down the road.

Where in the world are you?

For the last week, the tech news has been reporting that Apple has secret files on the iPhone that track user location and store it on the device, without the permission of the device owner. It's unclear what the data is used for and why Apple has been collecting it in iOS products that carry a 3G antenna for nearly a year now. Microsoft and Android are doing essentially the same thing. Is this an invasion of privacy?

New Research Shows Mobile Internet Usage a Daily Habit for One in Five Americans

A recent study by Morgan Stanley projects mobile internet users to exceed desktop internet users within the next few years. (2015)
Yikes! - - Powerful stat. Believe it or not, the question isn’t “Should you go mobile?” but rather “Can you afford not to…?”

Who's Your Audience and What's Their Word?

The latest data from Experian Hitwise shows that the number of keywords typed into search engines is declining.  Longer searches, those of 5-8 words, were down last month 3%.  As the data table shows,  1 word searches comprise a full 24% of all searches. 2 word searches are a close second. 

Mobile Barcodes are Here and Now

The use of smart phones to scan barcodes (1D, 2D, QR) is happening now with growth rates hitting over 800% from a year ago according to the latest report from ScanLife.  Some highlights I found interesting:

Is Your Mobile Website Ready for a Caveman to Use?

Mobile browsing is here and now.  With estimates that over 50% of all mobile phones sold this year will be smart, preparing your website to become an amazing internet experience on these devices can be challenging.   As mobile technology continues to evolve into tomorrow, keeping it simple today is a must. 

Black Hat SEO will git you run out of town Pardner

J.C. Penny got caught with their hand in the SEO cookie jar - and got busted them. White Hat and Black Hat, there is a difference.

Tags Give Starcraft Marine a Place in the Sun…

In the dreary days of January and February, many of us find a boat show on the weekend—letting us dream of warmer days, sand and sun filled holidays, and hours on the nearest lake.

Sitting on a boat inside a convention center doesn’t quite fill the bill—does it? This year, Starcraft Marine decided to help boating enthusiast get to that “happy place” in their mind a little quicker… with the help smart phone technology and QR codes. When the Starcraft marine marketing staff planned their new product launch and winter show activities, Peter Barrett, Executive Vice President of Marketing wanted Starcraft customers to experience the joys of boating by showing them beautiful video footage of their boats on the water while highlighting the numerous Starcraft features that had received high marks in independent tests. . To convey the most current videos and information to their customers, Starcraft decided to use smart tag codes in their promotional materials. Steve Huber, Marketing coordinator at Starcraft considered QR codes and Microsoft tags as potential ways to do this. Steve asked Force 5 to help investigate the viability of the code/tag process.