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South Bend’s having a Birthday?—Yep, we have an app for that!

With over 50 food vendors, 60 musical acts, Headliner Ben Folds, dozens of art exhibits and booths, things to do for the kids, a Tech park, and even a Zip line, South Bend’s birthday celebration over the Memorial Day weekend in downtown South Bend will be one of the biggest and most exciting community events ever held. How do you find out what’s going on?

Google’s doodle celebrates birth of Loewy, designer of the Studebaker logo

Google’s doodle is celebrating the birth of Raymond Loewy, a french-born industrial designer. Although Loewy is best know for his involvement in designing the Coca-Cola bottle and locamotives for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Force 5 wanted to recognize Loewy for his relationship with the Studebaker Automobile Company, a South Bend landmark.

Our "Style Tiles" Experiment

As a creative agency we are always investigating new ways of doing things and because we deal regularly with "bleeding edge" technology in those creative endeavors, it is more important than ever to stay one step ahead. One of these new ideas is the use of "style tiles" in the web design process. You start with the most important step - LISTENING, thankfully that will never go out of style! Asking the client about their visual preference for the site - clean, modern, cool, etc. and then taking into account their brand, and the story they want to tell you create style tile options.

It's my birthday sips

So, almost a month before my birthday, Starbucks is wishing me "happy sips on my birthday."  The email came 3 weeks before my birthday and of course it made me smile.  Free Starbucks would make anyone smile.  The postcard came in the mail 2 weeks before my birthday.

Blogging Anxiety

Here are my top 3 nuggets of wisdom on how to keep the blogging passion alive.

Second Visit Treats!

One Sunday last month, I started my day off with a vente iced vanilla latte with soy and double shot at 7:45am.  Yes it’s true; I am the only farm boy I know that loves Starbucks and all things gold card. To my surprise, the cashier asked if I had heard about “our Treat Receipt?”.  The bottom of my receipt read “Your cold grande drink for $2! Show this receipt after 2 p.m.

Wanted for Murder: An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Picture the scene.  I’m driving into town toward the University of Notre Dame campus on my way to our offices at Force 5.  It’s a beautiful morning.

Scarcity, Value, and Counterfeit Facebook Likes

It appears that advertisers in an effort to gain coveted Facebook Page "Likes are offering consumers premiums (or access to content) if they will visit their page and give them their valuable "Thumb Up." Sounds like a good marketing strategy ... or does it?