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February 23, 2016 - 9:03am - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

A webcam was recently installed at the Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) at St. Patrick's County Park after two bald eagles took over an existing red-tailed hawk nest.  This is clearly an attempt by the eagles to break into the avian reality tv market and compete with South Bend's Peregrine Falcons.

February 20, 2016 - 2:47pm - Posted by nmcelwrath - technology - 2 Comments

Force 5’s arsenal of tools that we use to plan, build and measure websites expands daily. It’s the nature of the industry - growing and adapting to the industry as needed. One such tool is growing to be an essential part of our web offering; the CMS or Content Management System. We have implemented numerous CMS sites on the web within the last year and in doing so, learned to appreciate some of the benefits that using a CMS framework has to offer. Our top reasons are not only help our clients, but help our development efficiency as well.

February 12, 2016 - 2:43pm - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

What is a Favicon?  It is a 16x16 pixel image that is shown next to your web page’s title on the tab in browser address bar. 

February 12, 2016 - 1:34pm - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

Jerod Bast, the General Sales Manager at WSBT AM/FM and WHFB in South Bend, stopped by the Force 5 office for a meeting yesterday.  After talking business, we hit the vintage Coke machine in the lobby and played a game of pinball.  Afterward, Jerod wrote a post on Linkedin about the lessons one can learn from a pinball machine, I thought it was good, so I wanted to share it on our blog...

February 11, 2016 - 1:14pm - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

Latest Polling Numbers:


February 11, 2016 - 10:18am - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

On a search engine results page (SERP), the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query generally show two bits of information from your webpage, the title tag and the meta description. Properly worded and formatted meta tags can have an impact on a website’s search engine rankings and click-through rates, so great care should be used in crafting these snippets because you only have 50-60 characters in the title tag and about 160 characters in the meta description to sell yourself.

February 10, 2016 - 7:14pm - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

According to Google, a 404 page is what a user sees when they try to reach a non-existent page on your site (because they've clicked on a broken link, the page has been deleted, or they've mistyped a URL). A 404 page is called that because in response to a request for a missing page, webservers send back a HTTP status code of 404 to indicate that a page is not found.

February 5, 2016 - 4:18pm - Posted by marty - - 0 Comments

Today I had to run out to Elkhart to run an errand.  That gave me the opportunity to meet up for lunch with my friend Chris who works out there, and try a new restaurant that opened last fall.  I had read about Hotdogeddy’s on the Flavor 574 website, and although I am not generally a huge fan of hot dogs, my friend is.

January 26, 2016 - 12:30pm - Posted by marty - business, how-to, marketing - 0 Comments

An effective customer-centric website design requires the designer to put himself in the customer's place to build a site that is user-friendly, while providing all the information that the visitor needs.  If you find it hard to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, there are services out there that will critique the usability of your website for you.  Some, like theuserismymom.com and theuserisdrunk.com take it a step further...

January 14, 2016 - 9:46am - Posted by marty - life, marketing, technology - 0 Comments

A recent poll by the Domain Name Association shows that when people are looking to go to a specific company’s website, 43% of them will type the company’s name or relevant term into a search engine while only 31% of people will type the domain name (www.domainname.com) into the browser address bar.