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Extreme Database Makeover

Move…That…Database Situation: Upgraded servers, so we needed to move database tables, views and stored procedures from a SQL Server 2005 machine to a SQL Server 2008 machine. We wanted to go through each table, view and stored procedure one by one in order to only move objects that are still in use. We needed a way to do that as
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I Need a New Website – Now What Do I Do?

You finally decide your company needs a new website, but you have no idea who to call. You check the yellow pages, Google web design, ask friends and family, and you’re still overwhelmed with all the choices. Who do you call when your brother-in-laws sisters boyfriend will do the job for $500. “We Are Web Sites”, the best web shop
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The little things to not forget about during development [Part: 1]

Robots.txt – Telling bots where to go and where not to What is the robots.txt and why is the robots.txt file important? The robots.txt file is placed in the root folder of your website. This file instructs search engine bots what can and cannot be indexed. All you need to do is to define some criteria of what can be
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SQL Case Study – Convert data rows to columns

We recently had a project that involved putting together a survey.  This survey was comprised of almost 150 questions.  As we brainstormed the best way to construct the data tables to store this information, the thought of a table with 150 columns made us cringe.  Time constraints also called for something we could put together relatively quickly.  We decided to
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Adobe’s Flash In The Pan?

Adobe’s Flash has had a successful run the past few years. While the latest usage statistics show a slight decline, it still employs an impressive 95.89% browser install base as of Jan, 2010. Some concerns have been raised lately with Apple’s decision not to include Flash support in it’s newly announced iPad (which runs a modified version of the iPhone
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Finding Augmented Reality

Augmented reality. It’s a term that has been popping up in the multimedia field a lot lately. Call it the latest internet meme, call it the next generation of marketing, call it a fad. Whatever you call it, you can’t ignore it’s possibilities. Simply put, Augmented Reality is technology that merges elements with a view of the physical environment, in
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Ride The Google Wave

Working in a team environment can be an inspiring experience. However, an efficient team workflow doesn’t just form itself. An organized system and rich toolset are often a few ingredients in a well-oiled team workflow machine. One of those ingredients may be named Google Wave. Google this week is rolling out a developer preview of it’s new product called Google Wave.
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Go Green!

From Dell committing itself to carbon neutrality to IBM’s new eco-consulting service major business has made the move to go green. This shift is not only for the big boys. Green IT solutions can also bring cost savings to small business while reducing their environmental impact. The No. 1 green IT practice is the paperless office. A paperless office is
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From Idea to (re)Invention

There are some exciting things happening here at Force 5 Media. One of which, is exciting for me, since it involves self-discovery and insight for the purpose of solely helping our clients realize their goals. There is an old saying, “In order to see where you are going, you must know where you’ve been.” This goes for not only our
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