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About Our Journey

Force 5 is a brand development and marketing communications firm with unmatched expertise in technology, brand development and creative execution. Our highly-creative culture produces insightful brand expressions, effective communication strategies and award-winning marketing programs. We are the only agency in the area and one of only 30 in the entire nation that has Certified Brand Strategists on staff.

We set up camp in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired building where the St. Joe River flows right outside our front door and nature inspires the interior landscape. We hope you’ll stop by for Food Truck Friday, afternoon popcorn or to visit our office dogs. Connect with us on social media because smoke signals are a far less reliable notification system.

Navigating True North

Navigating True North

While tools, trails and trends may change over the years, we remain committed to the following principles that guide all we do. They act as our compass, keeping us pointed and moving in the right direction:


Always do the next right thing, even if it isn't easy.


Respect yourself, others and our planet.


Remain open to new ideas and viewpoints. Listen to understand.


Seek to do better, be better and inspire others along the way.


Care for others and our community through active engagement and participation.

Meet YOur Guides

deb defreeuw

President - Brand Certified
Artsy Creative
16 Personalities Type - Advocate

Favorite Place - Acadia National Park, Maine

Favorite Animal - Dogs & Cats (tie!)

Favorite Part of Work - I love the variety! One minute you're learning about new boat technology, the next you're troubleshooting how to reach a very niche audience. At the end of the day my heart sings when we can help a client overcome a challenge.

David morgan

Brand Guy
Dog Wrangler
16 Personalities Type - Mediator

Favorite Place - Acadia National Park, Maine

Favorite Animal - Dogs

Favorite Part of Work - I am very curious, I love to learn about new technologies and ideas to share with clients to help them solve their problems!

Beth North

Director of Business Development
People/Idea Connector
16 Personalities Type - Campaigner

Favorite Place - Istanbul, Turkey

Favorite Animal - Giraffes

Favorite Part of Work - Helping our clients achieve their business goals and objectives is what I love doing. I like applying my varied marketing experiences across the many different kinds of businesses our clients have.

Nicole Nusbaum

Media Coordinator
Super Assistant
16 Personalities Type - Consul

Favorite Place - The Netherlands

Favorite Animal - Dogs! And my favorite dog, Pablo!

Favorite Part of Work - I like to make people's lives easier and I really LOVE supporting this amazing staff!

dayne kramer

Associate Developer
Digital Samurai
16 Personalities Type - Mediator

Favorite Place - Kyoto, Japan

Favorite Animal - Dogs & Frogs

Favorite Part of Work - I love that my job always feels like I'm solving a puzzle! The clients tell me what they want and I have to take the pieces I have and put them together in a way that solves the problem. It's a fun process, and seeing the end result is always satisfying.

Sal Malisita

Front-end Web Developer
Mr. Spotify
16 Personalities Type - Advocate

Favorite Place - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Favorite Animal - Dogs

Favorite Part of Work - I like how I can turn creative ideas into visually pleasing websites and work with an amazing team!

Joe Hektor

Account Strategist/Digital Strategist
Digital Adventurer
16 Personalities Type - Protagonist

Favorite Place - Anywhere warm

Favorite Animal -  River Otter

Favorite Part of Work - Meeting new people and exploring the endless possibilities to learn new things and create strategies to achieve set goals.



Mischief Maker


Roost Watcher