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Every company and organization has a distinct drive, a different heart, a unique essence; just like your company has it’s own raison d’être. It’s what sets you apart from all the other companies around. And it’s exactly what we work to discover and define, so we can help you realize your brand strategy goals. At Force 5, we have done some serious Soul searching over the last few years. We have worked with a variety of companies and organizations to get to the heart of who they are and develop a fitting strategy. Want to see some of the results? Take a look at our portfolio. Then get in touch with us, so we can begin exploring your brand Soul.

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To Office and Beyond: Jason Critchlow

In this client testimonial, Jason Critchlow, currently the Portage Township Trustee in St. Joseph County, shares his experiences working with Force 5. He partnered with us during his campaign for web, design, ad strategy, placement, and copywriting. Then after taking office, he turned to Force 5 to help re-brand and enhance the image of the Portage Township Trustee’s Office.
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Explainer Video Answers, “What Is This Process Like?”

Chi Ishobak was looking for a way to easily explain its loan approval process to all its constituents. Their mission is to empower tribal citizens and entrepreneurs from the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi by offering personal and business loans. This explainer video focuses on the process for both types of loans. It walks the viewer through a theoretical Chi Ishobak
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A Complete Marketing Partner: Chi Ishobak

Sean Winters and Chi Ishobak empower tribal citizens and entrepreneurs by providing access to the capital they need to fulfill their dreams. They are proudly part of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. They are also a longtime Force 5 client with whom we have built a multi-faceted, evolving partnership. And, let’s not forget, they are phenomenal human beings, too! In
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Indiana Trust Wealth Management’s Brand Journey

David Kibbe is the President and CEO of Indiana Trust Wealth Management. He and his team worked with Force 5 on a recent rebranding of the company. To do so, Force 5’s certified brand strategists walked them through the brand discovery process, as well as helped them develop new brand assets. The result: a brand Kibbe says he’s very proud
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Through These Doors: The Family Justice Center Experience

Force 5 worked with the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County to help share what it’s like when you choose to come to their center for help. Our goal was to make it welcoming. And share all the things the center can do to help people move forward after experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. It was wonderful to
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Featured image for “American Automotives Showcased in South Bend: Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm”

American Automotives Showcased in South Bend: Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm

The Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm is an annual event showcasing the rich history of American automotives. Gathering classic, modern, and everything in-between vehicles from across the nation, this fun, family-friendly event is the place to be in early July! To capture the essence of this fantastic event, Studebaker National Museum, the host, hired Force 5 to capture video and edit
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Fast, Collaborative Web Design to Showcase a Venue in All Its Beauty

Picture yourself planning a wedding, graduation party, corporate event/retreat, or any other large-scale event. What are the questions you have when you look at a potential venue? How do you decide the look, location, and services provided will meet your needs? Country Strong Events and co-owner Daina Heflin were asking these questions when they came to Force 5 for web
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Jason Critchlow for Trustee

Between still taking care of your day job, managing your campaign volunteers, and nailing your stances on the issues, there’s often no time to worry about your digital ad campaigns when running for office. In 2022, Jason Critchlow ran for Trustee for Portage Township in South Bend. He partnered with Force 5 to build the awareness he needed through targeted
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Inovateus Solar

The “nice guys of solar” are now nationally recognized as a leading solar developer and EPC  Inovateus Solar asked Force 5 to reinvent their web presence to make it look and work effectively to help them garner the interest of project opportunities their expert team would be ready, willing, and able to pursue. The new site was to simplify the
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Grand Design RV Website

Grand Design RV is a leading manufacturer of travel trailer and fifth-wheel recreational vehicles, and since opening in 2012, has become one of the fastest-growing RV companies due to its emphasis on building a personal connection with customers and dealers and its reputation for delivering quality, dependability, and unparalleled customer service.  Unfortunately, Grand Design’s website was a little outdated, difficult to
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Geotargeting PPC Campaigns & Getting Personal

For nearly 20 years, this Indiana Trailer Manufacturer (because of an NDA, the company name has been changed to Indiana Trailer Manufacturer, abbreviated as ITM) has been producing premium aluminum trailers as the alternative to steel trailers in the Trailer/RV marketplace. Factors like exceptional design and construction with guidance from industry-leading engineers have catapulted ITM to high levels of growth
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Centennial Mortgage Branding

Centennial Mortgage is a privately held client-focused lender providing proactive, end-to-end solutions exclusively for multi-family and healthcare developers and owners seeking HUD/FHA/USDA financing. Their approach is delivered with a high-touch level of customer service found only with a specialized lender. Force 5 was hired to come alongside Centennial Mortgage to both discover their essence and franchise and create a cohesive brand
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