What is “Brand Soul”? – Marketing Minute

by Deb DeFreeuw, President & Certified Brand Strategist

You may have heard us say “WHO are you, WHAT do you do, and WHY does it matter” when talking about brand? The “WHY” refers to your BRAND SOUL. What exactly is “Brand Soul”?

It is what drives your organization, what makes you unique.

We helped develop a brand for a manufacturer of sustainable acoustic panels and mattresses for colleges, cruise ships – a product that could be considered a commodity item. Through our process, we discovered the owner’s mother contracted a terrible disease brought on by off-gassing in a mattress that was not sustainable. His mother’s illness drove him to create a sustainable product, it was his WHY for creating the product and company he did, it is what drove him.

Understanding what is behind the creation, the BRAND SOUL, of an organization helps everyone internally know why the company exists. This knowledge is the basis for what type of people work there, how they talk to clients, it really defines the culture.

Another favorite brand of mine is Patagonia – I have a deep respect for their BRAND SOUL. Their belief in sustainability drives all that they do, you see it in their website, their products, and messaging. Their BRAND SOUL is strong and well defined and understood.

Do you understand the BRAND SOUL of your company? If your BRAND SOUL needs defining – we would LOVE to help! Let’s start a conversation by hitting the button below: