How Will Your Brand Stand Out? – Marketing Minute

by Jim Ragosta, Director of Digital Strategy & Sales

2022 is going to be the year of your brand. 

Times are changing, as are consumers like you and me. How we buy products, gather information, entertain, communicate, etc. all revolve around one thing, your brand.

That’s all well and fine, but what do you need to do to make your brand stand out? 

Social Platforms

Well, for one, consider what social media platforms work best with your brand, and work on a growth strategy. According to CNET, TikTok dethroned Google as 2021’s most popular web domain. That’s insane! But, shows how much marketers need to pay close attention to media like TikTok and only consider it if the platform fits your marketing goals. 

Organic Growth and Paid Advertising

Like you’re supposed to eat a healthy balanced diet, make sure your marketing plan is reflective of this as well, finding the happy medium between organic growth and paid advertising. Organic growth should be your primary strength, while using ad dollars to reach new audiences and drive brand awareness and sales. 

Brand Identity

Lastly, embrace your brand identity! If you aren’t currently doing this, it is a MUST in today’s marketing environment. Your brand needs to stand out against all the noise, and consumers are more than willing to try your products or services if they can connect with your brand by attracting, engaging, and delighting them. Think about your favorite brands, I bet you tend to connect with them on an emotional level at times, so bring that emotion into your messaging. If you are not in the situation for having much of an advertising budget, consider optimizing your website (SEO), create a consistent content calendar for social media, and being active within your community or industry to tell your brand’s story.

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