An American Brand

-David Morgan, Certified Brand Strategist, Force 5

American clothes are making a comeback. In the Sept. 7 issue of Brandweek, there was an artiticle about “made in the USA” clothes becoming cool again. It seems that the research shows that we are buying American made products over cheaper products. Sixty four percent of those surveyed said that buying American brands is part of “what it means to be a good citizen today.” It seemed to me that American made clothing lost its luster several years ago. There were some exceptions, (L.L. Bean and others…), but even Jean Giant Levi took a hit from Calvin Klien and Sasson. Even if the brand seemed American, the garmet was being made in Indonesia. But the recession is changing all that. Consumers are “looking under the hood” a bit more–looking for that “made in Amerca tag” Woolrich, Zippo, Red Wing–all are having good sales. Buyers are looking at their roots – if its made in America, and you buy in America, there’s a job in America.

So whats the take away here? America has a brand. The spirit of America, the heart, the soul–is what people think about when they see that “made in America” tag. When I was a young guy, only cheap toys were “made in China”, and didn’t have a very good reputation. China reputation for quality goods has now changed. Countries have brands–whether they like it or not–whether they have tried to development it or not. Everyone and every company has a brand. What’s your take on this? Is “made in America, local, here at home” something you can capitalize on with your products? Think about it…