Be careful delivering that brand!

I have to say I have a love-hate relationship with Jimmy John’s. I love the sandwiches, they are good and freaky fast. The thing I am not so enamored with is walking into the restaurant and having the majority of the folks working behind the counter yell “HELLO” at me. Most don’t even look up, it feels more like a pavlovian response to someone walking in the door rather than anyone really caring that I am there or not. The girl at the counter today didn’t even look at me when she was taking my order. My sense is that they are trying to create a hustle-bustle, friendly atmosphere, and for me this misses the mark. Then, when I leave everyone yells “GOODBYE” to me – truthfully it makes me more uncomfortable than anything. I do my best to leave unnoticed if possible.

The lesson here is, if your business has a brand that is centered around a particular feeling or personality – make sure when it is delivered, it is genuine. People see right through it when it’s not!