Does Your Website Have What People Want?

According to a recent study by HubShout, 94% of people use a mobile phone to search for local businesses. So what information are they looking for when they get to your website?

    • 88% are looking for your business hours (46% are annoyed when they can’t find business hours on a website)
    • 85% are looking for your phone number (42% need to see a phone number or address displayed prominently)
    • 82% are looking for the address of your business or driving directions
    • 70% are looking for prices
    • 67% are looking for your menu of products or services

So make sure that your website has what people want, because the study also says that 54% of those people will look for information on a business elsewhere if it can’t be found on the mobile website. Even scarier is that 39% will look for another business and 6% will refuse to do business with those who have bad mobile websites.

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