Here a brand touchpoint, there a brand touchpoint

This weekend was not unlike many others. Running errands, working in the yard and the garden. Also common, was a trip to the store for supplies. On one such trip to Lowe’s, I was impressed by the customer service. While wandering the many aisles, looking lost, I was asked if I needed help, I certainly did. After being taken to the appropriate place for window well covers I went looking for tomato stakes. On my way across the store carrying cumbersome window well covers I was asked if I needed a cart. At this point I felt really good about my shopping experience. After all, I have a number of shopping options for these same items, but I came here. Finding what I needed in the nursery, I ordered mulch. While waiting for help getting the mulch, I notice a group of employees standing around by the registers – waiting to help customers, but also very involved in their own conversation. Part of the conversation went something like this, “hey, you know that lady that comes in here all the time, the one with the accent, really skinny?” “Yeah.” “Well, you won’t believe what she did…” I am thinking to myself, wow, I wonder if they talk about all their customers? Aside from that uncomfortable conversation, this group was more concerned with their own conversation than really taking care of the customer. Up to this point, I was very impressed with the great service (a brand touchpoint) I had received and that was quickly damaged by this experience. This experience just underscores the importance of brand touchpoints, how one “miss” can damage the brand.