Lazy and Forgetful is the New Normal

A recent poll by the Domain Name Association shows that when people are looking to go to a specific company’s website, 43% of them will type the company’s name or relevant term into a search engine while only 31% of people will type the domain name ( into the browser address bar.

In fact, looking at search analytics data for Force 5’s website, here are some of the search terms that resulted in showing up in Google’s search engine results.

    • force 5
    • force5
    • i need a new website
    • adwords tips
    • force five media
    • force five
    • importance of keywords
    • sylvan marine
    • south bend marketing
    • skeuomorphism
    • forcefive media

Just as people don’t remember phone numbers anymore because they are all programmed into our cellphones, people are less likely to remember your official web address and will use a search engine to find your website.

This highlights the importance of having the meta information on your pages optimized to show the infomation that you want in the Google search results.

If you need help reviewing your website.  Please feel free to contact us here at Force 5.