Mobile Barcodes are Here and Now

The use of smart phones to scan barcodes (1D, 2D, QR) is happening now with growth rates hitting over 800% from a year ago according to the latest report from ScanLife.  Some highlights I found interesting:

  • The most popular 2D bar code campaign was for Film.  Codes were placed primarily outdoor and online.
  • Beverages are amongs the items most scanned.  Books are on the rise.
  • The largest group of scanners are age 25-34 and comprise 27% of the mix; 35-44 year-olds are second at 22%.
  • The recent income range of users has fallen slightly, suggesting greater adoption by younger individuals. 

These statistics suggest that the time to incorporate a QR Codes into your marketing strategy is now and Force 5 has the experience and capacity to help.   Give us a call.