Mobile Health Seekers

I recently read an article in MediaPost which had some incredible stats on the mobile users consumption of health information through apps and browsers.

  • 38% of cell phone owners access the Internet using mobile phone — up 52% year over year
  • 55% of cell phone Internet users go online daily from their mobile phones
  • 30% of mobile subscribers use search, 29% use downloaded apps
  • 26% of apps downloaded in 2010 were used just once
  • I think one of the key points of the article had to do with the idea of not just condensing an entire website into an app. Consider the difference of mobile health info seekers and the content which is most sought after (as a proportional of total traffic); sexual health topics (HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and STDs). These users are understandably concerned about privacy, and likely in an urgent and emotional state – make content straightforward, useful and easy to find.

    When creating mobile content we need to follow the same rules as we do with any other media. Define your audience, determine what are they looking for – then deliver it efficiently and effectively!

    We’re diving into all kinds of mobile projects here at Force 5 and can help your company make smart decisions about moving forward with mobile content.