More than 20 minutes

Early this past September I read a post from one of my favorite marketing dudes, Chris Brogan. This message has stayed with me and continues to resonate. The post was written on a Sunday and talked about taking 20 minutes (on Sundays) to connect with friends and family. I remember my first thought being “20 minutes, really? Is that all I should spend?” I recall as a kid piling into the car after church on Sunday and making the rounds to visit relatives. I think that is the kind of time we need to remember to spend, face-to-face.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is a wonderful thing; I talk to my host daughter in Austria on Skype and love it. I can’t get to Austria every week so this technology helps us stay connected. The same goes for my “niece-daughter” who lives in California. My folks, who I am blessed to have living in the same city, deserve more. A visit, a family dinner or maybe a trip to the bookstore is my goal. I fear that technology can make us apathetic and we risk losing the art of communicating in person. How about Saturday we take 20 minutes to catch up with far-flung family and old friends, and Sunday, the whole day, become technology free day and we take the time to “really” connect.

The same idea is true for clients. It is great to send them an e-mail newsletter, maybe mail them a special offer or coupon, and invite them to “like” you on Facebook. When it comes down to it, the relationship that you build and the real life connections you create can’t be beat.  So, make it a point to schedule a visit and connect face-to-face, it makes all the difference.