New Research Shows Mobile Internet Usage a Daily Habit for One in Five Americans

Going Mobile?

Listen to this projection…. A recent study by Morgan Stanley projects mobile internet users to exceed desktop internet users within the next few years. (2015)

Yikes! – – Powerful stat.

Believe it or not, the question isn’t “Should you go mobile?” but rather “Can you afford not to…?” Here are some more mobile stats for our Force 5 friends to ponder:

    • U.S. is the #1 country using mobile web — taking up over 30% of the global mobile web market.
    • 87% of mobile users access the mobile web more than once a day, with more than half accessing 5 times per day.
    • Over 50% of males between 18-34 are using mobile media, making a mobile web presence a must for advertisers (and over 37% of females between 18-34.)
    • 85% year over year increase in overall smartphone ownership.
    • Mobile Media Users (mobile browsers, application users, and downloaders) are growing 24% year over year.
    • 80.1 million mobile users browse, use applications, or download via the mobile web.
    • 35% of all U.S. mobile phone users (and 78% of all smartphone users) are browsing the mobile Internet to visit their favorite companies.
    • mobile payments via PayPal are up nearly 650% over the previous year.
    • mobile page views for U.S. retailers increased an average of 388% over the previous year.

Now, listen to this…

According to the 2011 Mobile Internet Attitudes Report from Antenna, 27 percent of American and 27 percent of British consumers that can access the internet on their mobile phone are discouraged from using the mobile Internet by websites that don’t display properly or function properly on their mobile screens.

A mobile website gives your customers and potential customers the freedom to interact with your brand at their convenience. And nothing is more convenient than their mobile phone. Without a mobile site, this great opportunity is lost.

My friend, Brant Kelsey (Kelsey Design) explains it this way: “Think of your website as a convenience store and your mobile site as a vending machine. Your mobile site needs to have your most popular goods and services front-and-center and easily accessible.”

I love the analogy. The smart phone is small—the content area is limited so your content must be specific. Mobile users aren’t just surfing-they go to the web for concise and direct content – They have a reason to visit – They find the information and move on. Most importantly, they won’t waste time trying to find information on a site that hasn’t been built for the mobile web.

If your site hasn’t been optimized for the mobile web, viewers may see content out of order, missing images, links and tabs not formatted—in short…a mess.

Having a mobile site adds to your contact with the customer—and it empowers them to visit you wherever and whenever they need you. 

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with being in your client’s pocket. Source: (Marketwire – February 24, 2011) –