Order Up!

Force 5 recently wrote about a project we did involving QR (quick response) codes. The campaign, done for Smoker Craft boats, has been a success and a practical application of this new and growing tool. Since the boom in QR codes, I have since seen them on everything from ads in magazines to the lettuce container at the grocery store. So, it has led me to think about their use and where they might be most effective. While reading an article in the technology section of the Wall Street Journal I came across an example worth sharing.

Coffee to goThe article talked about a coffee shop in British Columbia named Ethical Bean. They were looking for a way to stand out in a very crowded market. Ethical Bean decided to put QR codes on ads that were placed inside trains. When a user scans the code, a coffee menu pops up and they can order their coffee and have it waiting when they arrive. Now that is a practical use of QR code technology. Ethical Bean doubled sales by providing an easy way for the on-the-go consumer to purchase their product.

QR codes are popping up everywhere, if you are using them, make sure they take your consumer to content worth the trouble. If it’s your first tip-toe through the QR code field, we can help, call us.