Plymouth Indiana Riverside Intermediate School 6th Graders rank #1 in the nation on FBI contest


n a world where we often hear about “these kids these days” it is great to hear about those doing very well. This spring the 6th graders from Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth, IN for scoring highest in the nation for April 2011 on the FBI-SOS Internet Safety Challenge. From the FBI-SOS Internet Safety Challenge website:

The mission of the FBI-SOS Internet Challenge is to promote cyber citizenship among students by engaging them in a fun, age-appropriate, competitive online program where they learn how to safely and responsibly use the internet. Source:

Amy Gerard, the Computer Applications teacher at the school should be very proud of her accomplishments with her students.

“They had the highest score in the nation for the month of April,” said Gerard. “The FBI office in Indianapolis will be sending a representative later in the month to talk to the students about internet safety, about what it’s like to work at the FBI and present us with a trophy.”

“That technology offers all sorts of exciting opportunities but our kids need to be aware that it also has possible dangers. You see news stories all the time about bad things that can happen to kids who aren’t careful. It’s very important they be aware of possible dangers and make good decisions.” Source: Plymouth Schools’ Alumni Association

With the commitment to security that we have at Force 5 it is great to see area schools instilling the same values into their students. What to all you readers think? Should computer security and and online safety be added to the core curriculum of our schools?