Second Screens

Seventy to Eighty percent of those who watch TV, also are watching a “second screen” during the same time. That second screen is a smartphone, Ipad, or laptop. And what are we doing? We’re checking email, surfing the web, and looking up material that has to do with the show we’re watching! This weekend will be no exception. During the Super Bowl, there will be “calls to action” by many advertisers to take their commercial message one step further– to watch that second screen. Viewers will be able to see “the real story” behind the commercial, see “what happens next”, and participate in polls.

The “second screen” will be with us (at home at least…) for a long time. There are apps that “listen” to your TV, determine what episode you’re watching, and give you more information about the show. And this weekend, we can watch the Coke bears–(one bear per team) watch and react to the game!

(so, instead of watching the game, we can watch bears watching the game…hmmmm)

Marketers will have to consider second screens in the future. Are they distracting, adding, or just complicating the message?

Have a great time this weekend—whatever screen you use.