Take a Book. Leave a Book. (Don’t Steal a Guest Book).

Our Little Free Library has been in front of the Force 5 offices for about two months now.  Our library is one of over 20,000 registered Little Free Libraries in over 70 countries.  The response in the neighborhood has been very positive, and there is always a new selection of books that have been left by the neighbors.  (Note: we always seem to run out of children’s books.  If you have any unused kids books around the house, please feel free to drop them off at our office so we can put them back into circulation for more kids to enjoy.)

Unfortunately, someone took the “Take a Book. Leave a Book.” mantra a little too far and decided to take our guest book, where people would leave comments.  Undeterred by the rash of small, spiral notebook crime, we have forged ahead and put “Guest Book #2” into the collection.

There always seems to be an ecclectic collection of books, including Grishham books, romance novels, self-help, and children’s books.  However, one book that never seems to be “checked out” is After 50,000 Miles by Hal Roth.  Amazon describes the book as “Hal and Margaret Roth have lived aboard their cruising yacht for many years, travelling over 50,000 miles across the oceans of the world, and facing many practical problems. This book provides information that anyone contemplating a life of sea-going adventure should consider before setting out.”  Sounds like a good book to check out.

The original goal of the Little Free Library movement was to create 2,150 Little Libraries (which would surpass the number of libraries founded by Andrew Carnegie), and now there are almost ten times that number of registeed Little Free Libraries.  The Little Free Library is a great idea that was started by two guys in Hudson, Wisconsin that clearly resonates with people.

For more information, visit www.littlefreelibrary.org