The Bean Brand

L.L. Bean is taking a leap into new territory! They are creating a brand extension called L.L. Bean Signature. The new line is a collection for men and women with updated styles and cuts. One of their new offerings is called the “Plain Weave Signature Suit,” and sells for just over $200.00. I have looked at the video preview on their website and I can’t wait to see the whole line when it rolls out on March 15th! The clothes are still “outdoorsy” in a way, they still utilize plaid, denim and twill, but they look closer in design to Ralph Lauren than the traditional, more conservative L.L. Bean.

I went to the L.L. Bean website to look around and compare the new line to their current line. I also found a video on YouTube with the story of how L.L. Bean started, with the Bean Boot. Employees were featured and talked about how much they love working at L.L. Bean and how they are committed to quality. When they see a box in a store with a number on it that they recognize from shipping, they take pride in knowing they packed that box. L.L. Bean is doing everything right; they are living their brand from the inside out. Their employees believe in the product they manufacture and sell, they are brand ambassadors.

Because L.L. Bean has such strong core brand equity, the new L.L. Bean Signature line will be expected to live up to that standard offering high quality clothes at a reasonable price and great customer service. I am certain that is exactly what they will offer!

L.L. Bean has already proved they have brand “extendibility.” Everything from backpacks, furniture for indoors and out, canoes and even branded a line of Subaru cars has sported the L.L. Bean name. Obviously consumers have a strong association to the brand name and trust that it will offer what it claims.

The heart and soul of L.L. Bean lives on, that is brand. Here at Force 5 we specialize in helping companies reconnect or discover their “soul” and then bring everything into alignment with what makes them distinct. That message of distinction is then conveyed both internally and externally. If you are ready to discover your soul, let us know – we’re ready to put on our Bean boots and dig in!!