The Era of COVID: 3 Marketing Tips to Exercise Now

We live in challenging times. COVID-19 has dramatically changed traditional human behavior in a short amount of time, leaving nearly all of us in a trance asking ourselves “where do we go from here?” From a business standpoint, “how is the way I conduct business going to change?” Furthermore, from a marketing standpoint, “how do the side effects of COVID change previous and current marketing strategies? What do I need to do to be prepared to get in front of the curve, and not be left behind?” We don’t know what the future holds, but we can do our best to prepare and be ready for what could come based on what we know now.

Focus On Digital Penetration

Marketing by digital means still is a hot and relevant avenue to reach your audience. Many people are still spending time in front of connected TVs, browsing social media, and searching online/buying online. Connected TV (CTV) numbers are still HIGHER than pre-COVID, CTV viewing was 3.5 billion hours back in early May according to Statista. 51% of US adults are using social media more since COVID started, with an increase in time spent on platforms of 7 minutes compared to 2019, according to the Harris Poll. Online sales continue to surge, as people find more time to do research, plan, and purchase items instead of visiting brick and mortar businesses. This provides opportunity to get in front of your audience as an increased number of people are online.

Pay Close Attention To Media Buy Placement

The programs your ads run on matter significantly, as well as who is watching them. To get the most out of your buy, be sure to keep on top of what time your ads have run and what program they corresponded with. You should have the power to align your buy with what meets your needs first, based on what you know about your audience. During lockdown months, it was found that Millennial and Gen Z consumers favored movies over TV shows, and Boomers were less likely to increase their consumption of either streamed films or television according to Statista. Also worth mentioning, viewership and what programs being watched will be weighted by what network provider you use as well. For example, viewership and audience of CBS Nightly News will likely be different than FOX News on cable television being aired at the same time.

Get Creative – Use This Time To Plan And Grow

As events of all kinds, among other things, continue to be postponed and or canceled, take advantage of the extra time. Explore new ways of doing business and look at ways to innovate. Try a new software program you’ve wanted to learn. Keep attacking your marketing objectives, but also take time to create a strategy of how to break into YouTube for example, or improve your website functionality/design/content. Review what you wanted to do in 2020, and evaluate if you still can meet those objectives. If those objectives don’t look realistic for this year, develop a strategy that will be fitting for 2021 with the anticipation of the “new normal.”

You can’t control COVID and the world around us, but you can control how you plan, develop, and execute your marketing strategies. Force 5 is willing and able to help, we’d love to be your strategic marketing and brand development agency partner. Email us at [email protected] to inquire today, or call (574) 234-2060, we are here to help.