The Power of…Radio?

By Bob Earley

For years, I’ve heard that “traditional” media is dying.  Newspapers are gone; tv is being replaced with streaming services. And radio, well… it’s dead, being replaced with services like pandora. So, the power of radio, is it dead? Think again.

According to Nielsen’s May 2020 ratings, listenership has steadily grown over the last 5 years. And, the greatest growth in listenership is…millennials. Mindshare also shows that 31% of American are listening more to radio since the Covid outbreak compared to prior to the spread. One might ponder why radio is growing. Here’s some qualitative observations.

    • Radio moves people: It does a tremendous job connecting with human emotions.
    • Connects with branding: businesses who want to share their “why” with the world tend to utilize radio and print so people can connect two of their strongest sensory.
    • Efficiency: usually advertising messages can be placed on radio at a relatively cheaper cost per spot than TV or print. This efficiency also allows an advertiser to buy several stations and spots versus very few tv or print placements which allows their message to be consumed multiple times in a short period.
    • A lot/variety of information in small bites. The lives of many humans are pressed for time; we are doing more and more in our lives than ever before. And, radio allows people to “Multi task”, work, play, cook, consume music.

There are many additional advantages and benefits of utilizing radio to be researched. And, like other media, one solution is not the only solution. Your media buy and budget must be reviewed and blended together to make sure your marketing goals are achieved in the most efficient, effective and impactful way. For more information, consult an agency for an analysis.