Inovateus solar
Case Study

Project Breakdown

Focus: Website Design/Build

Project requirements

What they needed

Inovateus Solar asked Force 5 to reinvent their web presence to make it look and work effectively to help them garner the interest of project opportunities their expert team would be ready, willing, and able to pursue.

The new site was to simplify the user experience, while showcasing the experience and accomplishments that were important in being selected as a contractor or partner. Inovateus wanted to be sure prospective customers would find what they wanted or needed as quickly as possible.

They wanted new Inovateus Solar prospective customers to experience a very positive first impression, and to showcase the core values that make them irresistible to work with. They wanted to showcase the people part of creating renewable energy sources in as environmentally sustainable a way as possible.

team approach

A Tale of Two Teams

The Force 5 and Inovateus teams became an integrated web team keeping progress toward the goal moving forward with weekly progress zoom calls once the wireframed navigation, and the primary design was approved.

The Inovateus part of the team was in continuous motion providing digital images and video assets to meet the improved search engine optimization objectives for the new site. The technical members of the team worked in conjunction to build speed and agility for both desktop and mobile viewing of the assets so as to deliver a fabulous visual experience regardless of wifi or wireless bandwidth.

CRM integration


The Inovateus Solar marketing team employs a subscription-based CRM so integration with their relationship-nurturing practices (blogs, webinars, and other email-delivered valuable information) was crucial too.



  • Increased website traffic
  • Increase in users per week by 10% in first 3 weeks
  • Pages/view up 40% from 2.12 pages to 3.02 pages per session to previous 30 days
  • Project page views up 41% compared to previous 30 days
  • Leads connected to top of sales funnel
  • Ongoing awareness-building of the capabilities, accomplishments, uniqueness, and readiness of the Inovateus Solar services, solutions, and people.


"I want to thank our Marketing & Brand Enhancement team and Force 5,
our web design company, for their countless hours spent building this brilliant website."

t.j. kanczuzewski - ceo, inovateus solar