A good reminder

I was at church this Sunday and received a good reminder. Let me take a step back, this was the weekend when the little people come up from little people church to big people church and sing a few Christmas songs. So here comes the first group, 4-7 years old, I believe. The girls have on their new tights and sparkly skirts, the boys have their hair combed and are sporting a new sweater. The proud parents are happily snapping photos. Their songs are very nice; they clap their hands, mostly to the beat, and shyly, sweetly sing.

So the second group comes up on stage. These children are a little older, probably 8-10 years old. They line up on the risers, some looking scared and others waving at family in the crowd. The first song starts and there is one voice, a bit off key, rising above the others. So I start looking for the source, in the middle of the entire group is a little girl, dressed in pink singing at the top of her lungs and doing all the “moves” with gusto! My first thought was “I wonder if her parents are embarrassed,” as a ripple of laughter travels through the crowd. I cannot take my eyes off of this girl; she is doing everything with 110%, no, probably more like 150% of everything she has to give. It was a wonder and probably divine intervention that she didn’t take out the kiddos standing next to her. Arms flying, leaning forward, she was all in. It was wonderful, fear of criticism was non-existent and she was enjoying the experience of being on stage and singing in praise. She was a hit!

So, what was the lesson? Whatever you are doing, be all in, all there. There are times not being “in tune”, coloring outside of the lines and taking your own path can have its rewards.