Another Superman in Metropolis

Look, up in the sky!  Actually, it’s not a bird or a plane – it’s David Morgan, one of our principals here at Force 5.  David is away this week in Metropolis, Illinois, the home of DC Comics hero, Superman.

If you’ve ever met David Morgan, it won’t take long for you to figure out that he has developed some pretty amazing super powers:  teacher, video producer, airport commissioner, and EMT.  You’ll also learn quickly that he and his partner, Deb DeFreeuw are active and passionate advocates of animals.

This is King. He was found on top of a floating refrigerator.

Because of his passion for helping creatures that cannot help themselves, David recently added to his list of super powers by becoming certified  in pet rescue  through Noah’s Wish, an organization that helps recover lost animals in natural disasters.  In the wake of the floods that are ripping through the Mississippi River corridor,  Noah’s Wish has been called into action to build an animal rescue shelter in Metropolis for animals that have been displaced as a result of the disaster.

David is in Metropolis as I post this helping families and their lost pets become reunited.  Way to go Superman!  Pup, pup, and Away!