Building Communities

Over the past years, we’ve had the good fortune to work for and with great companies. Some have been clients, some vendors. In each case, these folks have been terrific. Each of them has had a common goal–to bring success to themselves, their community, and to us. On occasion, we find the company or vendor that doesn’t have this goal-its all about them. We quickly make that determination, and move on with our business. Live is too short to work with people (or companies) that don’t have that common goal-to build communities.

Building communities can take on several facets. A community might be customers that love your product and are ambassadors of the quality and service you bring. Communities might just be that–a neighborhood of folks living together-helping each other, or a church-where members help each other and care for their community. Whether that community is virtual, walk in your door every day, or see each other as you drive down the street–to bring success to each other is the key driver.

We have been so fortunate in finding that type of community mentality in South Bend. We work with wonderful companies that strive for everyone’s success. A recent example is our effort to bring an iPhone app to market that will, in fact, save lives. One of our clients became mentors and advisers to us-helping us determine the best functionality and best practices for our application. They have championed our cause-they have been supportive and encouraging. That is community building!

Our iphone app will be announced next week during a large press conference. It will be a great day. We’re proud of our work–our relationship with our client–and our community.