Information Overload

Facing information overload

Information – Fast and Furious

I recently read an article from the Center for Media Research that had some very interesting statistics on digital consumption.

76.7% read email and respond evenings and weekends

43.2% answer texts or emails on date/social occasion

57.4 % never turn off phone

33.0% check email middle of the night

35.2% answer work emails while with children

46.9% unable to answer all email

41.4% miss important news

39.9% ignore family and friends

16.9% miss appointments

62.5% wish they could filter out the flood of data

Honestly, I was not at all surprised by the last statistic. The tidal wave of information can be overwhelming. This article also stated, “64.2% said that the information coming at them today had grown by more than 50% compared with last year.”

Do the statistics above resonate with you? How do you filter out what is useful? Managing the tide of information has become a necessary part of our daily lives.

Because consumers are actively managing their digital lifestyle, it is more important than ever that you understand your audience, where and how they get their digital information and then provide them with useful content so you don’t get filtered out. If your company is struggling to be heard, Force 5 can help you reach your audience.