It’s my birthday sips

So, almost a month before my birthday, Starbucks is wishing me “happy sips on my birthday.”  The email came 3 weeks before my birthday and of course it made me smile.  Free Starbucks would make anyone smile.  The postcard came in the mail 2 weeks before my birthday.

There are two companies that have made an impression on me when it comes to birthday wish campaigns – Starbucks and Southwest Airlines.  Both have similar tactics – best wishes with a simple inexpensive gift, Starbucks with a free hot or cold drink and Southwest with an interesting fold up party hat last year.

In today’s marketing environment, we are always looking for the latest way to stand out.  And sometimes we forget some of the basic concepts such as saying thank you or happy birthday to our customers, our staff, and our business partners.

Don’t forget that marketing efforts are a complete conversation.  I don’t know about you, but I learned at an early age that when you ask your parents for something, you always said thank you.  Both Southwest and Starbucks have asked for my business, I have given it to them and now I take these birthday wishes as a thank you to me for my past patronage.

Let me end by saying “Thank You” to all our Force 5 blog readers and may you receive awesome gifts on your birthday.