Should digital tools replace textbooks in schools?

This time of year kids all across the country are heading back to school. One of the changes that many students are encountering is the shift away from printed textbooks to digital media. For example, the New Prairie school distract in New Carlisle, Indiana is giving all students iPads to replace textbooks. Other schools are giving their students laptop computers to replace traditional materials. While putting these tools in the hands of children is very empowering, the jury is still out on the effectiveness. Recent studies have called into question if the efforts are helping or hindering the students progress. Another issue is security and privacy. What should the students be allowed to do with the technology? How is it monitored? These are all uncharted areas. While I see the great potential of integrating these digital media experiences in the classroom, are the teachers and the curriculum ready for it? What do you think? Would you have learned better with a laptop or an iPad?