Blogging Anxiety

You’ve been there, you set yourself goals for how often you will blog, maybe it’s even a New Year’s resolution.  Yet it never fails that the time in between each post sneaks up on you  – “Oh No, has it been a week already?”.  I’ve been there, and this is from someone who would much rather strike up a conversation with a stranger than to type out what my brain is thinking.  So here are my top 3 nuggets of wisdom on how to keep the blogging passion alive.

First – “Start lots of drafts”.  I have found that it is much easier for me to jot down lots of 1-3 sentence draft blogs first.  Then, as my deadline draws near, the completion of any one of my drafts is much easier.  Plus, you don’t have the added stress that comes with a deadline without a starting point in sight.  This also helps me grab those ideas as they come up. Sometimes you will attempt to finish them only to find out they where horrible ideas – Just hit Delete.  It’s all part of the process.

Second – “Start a Motto”, mine is “I could write a blog about that”.  Once I started saying it to myself, then I had too many ideas.  It took me about 10 days to fine tune my motto, but it truly made me more aware of daily great stories to talk about.  And yes, some are work related and some are not, some are good ideas and some are not.

Third – “Talk in your own voice“.  Too often I read blogs written in a manner that doesn’t seem to fit the author.  Of course you need to fix the typo’s but don’t let yourself blog in the a voice that is not your own.  For more on this see my other blog “Whats Your Voice?”.

I hope this helps you overcome the impending stress of that next blog.  Make 2012 your best blog year ever and if you have a routine or something that helps you hit those blog deadlines, we’d love to hear them.  Just comment on this post or email them to me.  Happy Blogging from Force 5.