Bringing Next Generation to This Generation

Force 5 remains steadfast in its commitment to be a  “next generation brand development and marketing communications firm.”  Determing what that next generation technology is and how to bring it to clients in an effective and practical way is the real challenge in fullfilling our commitment. 

One next generation technology is mobile.  Today, all indicators show that in the foreseeable future, mobile will play a larger and larger role in marketing strategy.  As mobile continues to expand rapidly, enabling clients to embrace that technology in a manner that delivers a solid ROI is crucial. 

Recently, Visibility Magazine published a case study about Force 5’s client, Starcraft Marine.  To help starcraft more fully embrace mobile technology and utilize their existing marketing collateral, Force 5 developed a practical mobile interface.  (detailed info can be found here.)

 The interface utilized MicroSoft TAGs, and Starcraft Marine’s existing video and web to leverage the growing power of  mobile.  Because it continues to utilize effective legacy strategies,  this Force 5 solution brings clients closer to the next generation today.