The End of Universal Analytics – Marketing Minute

Google has finally announced a date that will bring an end to Universal Analytics,
leaving only Google Analytics 4 as your continued free option for website tracking.
I’ll let you know what this means and how to prepare in this Marketing Minute.
Come July 1st, 2023, your Universal Analytics will no longer be supported, and
Google is requiring users to use their new property GA 4, otherwise known as
Google Analytics 4. Don’t start panicking, we literally have over a year before this
happens, but we should start to prepare for this transition. The GA 4 interface is
COMPLETELY different than Universal Analytics. The terminology is different and
there are hardly any pre-determined buckets to find data, which can make this
property difficult to understand. So, I suggest creating your property now to get
familiar. He’s how you can:

Setting Up Google Analytics 4

If you log into your Google Analytics, click on the Admin tab. You’ll see in the center
of your screen under the Property section “GA4 Setup Assistant. Click that text, then
you’ll see where you can get started on setting up your new GA 4 property. When
set up, you will be tracking in your new GA 4 property AND still in your Universal
Analytics property. This will allow you to play around in GA 4 and understand how
you need to set up your account while referring to your Universal Analytics as you
have been.
So, why is this happening? Well, Google is transitioning into tracking website actions
and attribution centered around events. This is in large part due to the transition to
a cookie-less future, making this software more privacy-focused and compliant.
Also, Google’s AI is intelligent, and they are putting trust in using more machine
learning to solve insights about a user’s journey across platforms and devices. This
is said to help optimize campaign performance and drive greater ROI.

For more on this transition, visit Google’s HELP LINK.
For help setting up your Google Analytics 4 account, contact us: