Facebook vs. your Brand Site

400 million…500 million…..and still growing. Whether you “like” it (pun intended) or not—Facebook is dominant in helping companies build relationships with their clients. Look at the chart in the article below (thanks to AD Age…)—and with the likes of Starbucks having 12.7 million fans, and growing at almost 79,000 a DAY-you can’t help but consider facebook as a dominant player for customer relationship marketing.

The article in Ad Age today (http://bit.ly/aHknVx) indicated that most of these brands while gaining popularity with their fans on Facebook were losing audience on their web site. But look closer—each of these facebook “pages” are consumer products. And each is driven by a contest, sweepstakes, free offer, etc. Facebook is a great channel for customer engagement—but don’t lose sight of an integrated campaign. While most of the sites in the top ten mentioned above lost web fans, there still is room for the web site in a marketing campaign.

Walgreens, while building a Facebook fan base of more than 500,000, has seen no dropoff in traffic, which hit 6.7 million in July. Within Facebook, Walgreens is finding what works best are fairly frequent short updates, often ones that involve posing a question that prompts a response. Sites with e-commerce are using Facebook as an integrated campaign tactic-driving the consumer to the other channel—and keeping them engaged.

The moral of this story? I’d say don’t keep all your marketing eggs in one basket. Facebook is a force to be reckoned with…to be sure-but keep it in perspective of your overall strategy. Keep the customer connected with you, using whatever tactic is best for them.

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