“I KNOW a Guy” and Its Challenges – Marketing Minute

Picture This: Your Next Marketing Strategy Meeting

“So, everyone, we’ve all decided that we need a new Website/Video/Social Media/Campaign/Digital Advertising Strategy and we’re looking for suggestions on who should do it. Sam?”

Well, ya see, I know “this guy” who can get the job done. He does this thing as a side hustle. I’ve seen his work, and it looks awesome. He works another job, but we can have him help us, you know, in-between.

“What about cost?”

This guy’s gonna come in WAAY under what most people charge. He’s busy, but he’ll make time for us. It may take a few months but he’s gonna save us SO MUCH money. He’ll make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Are You Using the “I Know a Guy” Strategy?

This may seem funny, but in truth, it’s the way many businesses approach the work that they outsource. It might be redesigning a website, creating ads on social, or entering into the digital ad space. And while many freelancers do good work, three key challenges come up when you use the “I know a guy” philosophy of outsourcing. Let’s take a look. I’m Dan from Force 5 and this is your marketing minute.

  • Longevity – Frequently we hear about clients who might have their website built by someone who freelances part-time. Later, when they are tapped to make changes or updates to the site, they may have moved on, got swept up by a corporation, or simply don’t have the time to cater to multiple clients, since they are only one person.
  • Availability – Many part-time folks might have trouble being as responsive as needed due to juggling other job responsibilities. This can greatly affect the speed at which a change can be made which can be costly, especially in the digital ad space.
  • Breadth and Perspective – We believe that everything is better when a team of people approaches it. When we have multiple sets of eyes on a project, not only does the project get done faster, it typically is done better because several perspectives play into the final product.

More than Just “a Guy”

Steve Jobs once said,

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

This is one of our core philosophies, and it’s what drives our passion to be the extension of organizations’ existing teams. We can be that extra set of eyes or bring a skillset to the table that doesn’t exist on your team.

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