Importance of Brand Touchpoints

I was reading Marketing Daily this morning and the first paragraph struck me, “The recommendations people make to their friends and family carry more weight than the messages companies put out on their own behalf.” The article is about the importance of “word of mouth” which always brings me back to the importance of creating Brand Evangelists and paying attention to the touchpoints within your organization. Brand Evangelists are on board with the message and promise of the company and how that translates to the customer. Of course one of the tried and true examples is with a very simple mission statement “To provide the best customer service possible.” There are 10 core values that all employees have to help them fulfill this mission. The employees are empowered to deliver “WOW” through service and their high brand standards are carried through the entire customer experience. Delivery is prompt, shipping is free and returns are easy.

Take a look at the brand touchpoints in your company, there are many, and figure out if they are all living up to your brand promise. If you find problems, fix them as quickly as possible, what might seem like an insignificant detail might be the only contact a customer has with your company.

With strong a strong brand, built from the inside out, and Brand Evangelists throughout your company, your customer is more likely to have an experience worth sharing. So next time someone asks their friend/sister/cousin “Hey, do you know where I can find a good dentist/mechanic/restaurant…” make sure your company name is worth raving about.

You can find the entire article here.