More Effective Marketing: Marketing Minute

By: Dan Vukmirovich, Director of Creative Strategy

Today we’re going talk about effectiveness, and what it means in your marketing. Two “M’s” …and maybe a bonus “M” to give you a little bit of marketing advice. 

Effective Messaging in Marketing

So the first M is Messaging. Are you being effective in your messaging, whether it’s on your website, in your social, any way that you’re promoting your business, is your messaging being effective? Are you telling your story correctly? And then also, are you creating a call to action that helps people to take the next step in the process with you? 

Effective Method in Marketing

The second M is Method. How effective are the methods you’re using for your marketing, and are you making good choices as to which methods to use, whether it’s digital, print, web, billboards, TV, any forms of advertising that you could use. Are you using the right ones?

Effective Moolah in Marketing (a.k.a Budget)

The bonus M is Moolah! How are you spending your marketing dollars? Are they effective? And what kind of analytics and rubrics are you using with the data that you need to make wise decisions. 

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