The Ecommerce Secret Sauce

Getting the most out of your online store is paramount. There’s a good chance your online store exists to actually make money. The trick is to get the most from your visitors by knowing what it takes to get your visitors to return. One essential ingredient in creating a “sticky” online store: Engagement. But how do we create engagement? There are several factors that help your customers take the plunge and place that order.

Relate to your customer

Knowing your audience is important in any marketing effort, but knowing your audience’s habits and history will help you notice trends and be able to deliver content that is useful to them. For example, if you know certain pieces of the puzzle, say their IP address, you can perform an IP lookup to get their location and deliver location related information that may help them make a buying decision. Just a simple IP lookup can turn up some very useful data such as census data of the buyer’s city. Creating audience personas can help you better target your customer. Name the personality traits, situations, family structure, anything that will help you better focus delivering relevant, yet specific content to your customer.

Remove the friction

Remove the hurdles that your customer has to jump over in order to purchase your product. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, make yourself repeatedly walk through the buying process as a buyer, minimize any doubt that may keep them from placing an order. These steps can help eliminate abandoned carts. Creating a pleasant user experience is essential in engaging your buyer.

Measure it

Above all, how you are measuring, analyzing and reacting to this data is key to all of this coming together. If you are targeting users in the Great Lakes States but not having a way to measure who is visiting your site based on their location, there will be missed opportunities aplenty.