Too much of a good thing?

I am a red-blooded American gal and I love to find things on sale! Who doesn’t? I have started to wonder, can a retail business have too many sales?

I get an e-mail almost everyday from Lands’ End. I love Lands’ End, I think they have a great product. I am so conditioned to buying when there is a sale offer, that I don’t really consider buying otherwise. The same goes for Macy’s, it seems like every weekend “the sale of the season” is happening at Macy’s. I am to the point now where I just expect a sale every weekend and two things happen. First, the sales loses it’s impact, heck there will be another next weekend. The other thing that happens is that I don’t purchase until something I want goes on sale.

So, finding that perfect balance is the key. Have just enough special offerings or sales to keep people interested and create that sense of urgency to purchase, but not so many that a “sale” is the norm.