A Fresh, New Look

The Twykenham Bridge is located just a half a block away from our offices at Force 5.   We’ve been watching this old bridge being renovated with great anticipation.  (Details can be found here in the South Bend Tribune.)  It’s amazing to see what a remodel can do.  With it’s new look, the bridge again inspires confidence in those who transverse it and a sense of wonder in those who view it from a distance.  It’s simply beautiful. 

“In this economy, now just isn’t a good time to redo my … (fill in the marketing tactic)”

I disagree.  Now is exactly the time. 

How long has it been since you’ve looked at your business?  At your brand support materials?  Is it time for a web site renovation?  A fresh coat of paint on that tired brochure?  Does your customer service need reinforcement so that people feel confident when they rely on you? 

Are you ready to polish up your business, your dream, and give it the fresh, new look it needs to weather today and tomorrow?  If so, what will be the first thing you renovate?