Saint Joseph Health System
House Raffle “On the Road” 2021

Project Focus: Strategy

Project Breakdown

The Challenge

The Foundation of Saint Joseph Health System reached out to Force 5 to develop a media plan centered around the promotion of their yearly House Raffle, supporting the SJHS NICU. The raffle in 2021 was different, instead of raffling off a home, a Thor RV was the new prize (along with other cash prizes). After understanding the goals, budget, and timeline, Force 5 set out to develop a strategy to promote the 2021 House Raffle On the Road.

The Objective

Before contacting media partners and developing a strategy, Force 5 did research to identify the ideal target audience for this campaign. Why is this important? The House Raffle requires a higher donation fee than a traditional raffle. Because of this higher fee, we determined our target audience was M/F age 35+, were educated with a Bachelor’s Degree or greater, and had a household income level of $100,000+. With this information, we were able to approach the next step in developing a strategy.

Our Role


Traditional Media Planning & Placement

Digital Media Planning & Placement

Paid Social

PPC Campaign

Project Breakdown

The Strategy

We selected radio, print, OOH, and digital avenues to deliver the message providing the best reach, frequency, and alignment within the budget constraints. These mediums also reached target audiences, taking advantage of market buying power and leverage existing SJHS marketing efforts.

Force 5 did research to determine which radio stations best fit the campaign target audience and allocate appropriate budgeting based on negotiated cost per spot, bonus spots received, and station programming/ listenership.

We determined the most cost-effective and highly targeted digital channels were Facebook and Google Display Network. By using these channels, Force 5 would control campaign pacing, targeting, creative, and obtain valuable campaign performance data and website traffic.

Placement of traditional advertising, print (newspaper) and OOH, was scheduled. Starting in mid-February newspaper placement would appear every other week on Sunday, and in March two Sundays back-to-back leading into the week of pre-sales. OOH started to run continuously in Mid-February.

Quick Stats

82% of tickets sold the first week

Signifcantly leveraged our buying power

Facebook reach 27K+

Google drove 644K+ ad impressions

The Results

Just after the beginning of March, online inquiries began to trickle in. Inquiries averaged 35/40 a day up to the week before pre-sale. Volume was so high the online form was taken down and efforts focused on in-person ticket sales.

The Tuesday pre-sales opened the Foundation sold 2,000 tickets by 11 am. By the end of the day, 47% of total tickets available had been sold, with 3 more days left in sales. By the end of the pre-sale, the Foundation had only 827 tickets remaining – 82% of total available tickets were sold within the first week. Although the Foundation traditionally had very robust ticket sales. Force 5 helped them optimize their efforts.

Some key results and analytic data that helped make this campaign successful are the following:

Market Buying Power:

  • Force 5 was able to leverage our buying power - accessing anywhere between 25% to 61% of additional media coverage in the market, varying by channel, for the same budget.

Campaign control:

  • Defining and targeting an exact audience drove relevant traffic to the landing page. Optimizations were made during the campaign: We achieved a Facebook reach of 27,000+ with a solid frequency of 4.26, ages 45-54 was the highest reached demographic.

  • Similarly, Google drove 644,000+ ad impressions while 222,000 impressions coming from individuals aged 65+ and individuals who fell into the Top 10% of HHI had 313,000+ impressions.

Media Interest:

  • Along with paid media efforts, The Foundation made sure to have the RV on display at the ticket location. During pre-sale week, the media outlets did news stories on the Raffle Event providing additional visibility.