Second Visit Treats!

One Sunday last month, I started my day off with a vente iced vanilla latte with soy and double shot at 7:45am.  Yes it’s true; I am the only farm boy I know that loves Starbucks and all things gold card. To my surprise, the cashier asked if I had heard about “our Treat Receipt?”.  The bottom of my receipt read “Your cold grande drink for $2! Show this receipt after 2 p.m. and get any cold grande drink for $2 (+ tax if applicable.) Participating stories.  Same day only.)” So of course I took them up on the offer at 2:15pm for a second wind caffeine fix.  The Sunday to do list practically checked itself off with that much caffeine in my system.

Bottom line, Starbucks got $2.00 more out of me because of the treats.  Just imagine if you could get the same customer inside your location twice in one day or twice in one week or even twice in one month. How much would it cost you to invite them back? How much incremental revenue could you gain?  How much do you stand to lose over the lifetime of a customer who feels un-welcomed in your location?

The idea is simple, but developing and implementing the plan can be a challenge.  In this case, the cashier knew the program, engaged me by asking “Have you heard about our (fill in the blank with your treat).” and most importantly, she took ownership with a smile.  I was already a Starbucks lover and now it’s gone to the next level.  If you would like a partner to help you develop and implement your “treat”, you know who to call – Force 5.