3 Hidden Brand Mistakes – Marketing Minute

Ever feel the pinch in one of these areas: 

  • You are putting out regular content but the general look and feel seem inconsistent. 
  • Most of your employees “get it” when it comes to delivering a consistent experience for your customers, but a few still struggle to keep up with company standards and sort of “do their own thing.” 
  • You meet with potential clients who frequently say “I didn’t know you did that.”  


Let’s look at 3 common brand mistakes in today’s Marketing Minute. 

Our first brand mistake is MISTAKING YOUR LOGO FOR YOUR BRAND. 

As we have explained in prior videos, a brand is SO much more than logos, fonts, and color schemes. It’s EVERY touchpoint that prospects, clients, vendors, and employees have with your company. It’s not only how you are perceived, but also how you make decisions daily.  

Brand Mistake number 2 is ASSUMING EVERYONE “GETS” YOUR BRAND. 

Especially as you welcome new employees into your company, it’s important to teach them “Because we value (fill in the blank), THIS is how we do things. And THIS is NOT how we do things.” If they aren’t clear on what is expected, they often apply past experiences with other brands to yours. This creates an inconsistent experience and leads to customers losing trust in your brand. 

Brand mistake number 3, I call “THE CHANGE UP.”  

In baseball, the change-up is meant to throw a batter off their timing, expecting one speed from a pitch but getting a different one. In business, it’s when a brand decides to change its positioning and messaging too frequently, leaving its customers confused.  While this is more of a public perception issue, it can also affect things internally.