What’s Your Voice?

We have all done it, you see a cute puppy or kitten or any kind of baby animal.  Your voice changes to that of a 4 year old as you try to talk and make this adorable creature smile – “hello little puppy”, “Your soooo cute”, you get the idea.  You’re probably saying it out loud right now as you read this – I did every time I proofed this post.  This honest voice is to be pleasant, soothing, trusting or to just share a smile.  Usually the response is great, you get a purr or a wagging tail or even some polite slobber if you’re lucky.

So how in the world does this relate to marketing? Ask yourself this – “What is our company’s “customer” voice?”  I’m not saying to talk to your customer like a puppy, unless that’s your customer, but to force yourself into that state of being the most honest and polite voice you can.  By honest, I mean that your voice, or the voice of your employee is the voice of the brand, and your staff are the ambassadors of that brand.  The way we speak to a customer, the way we “handle” them are reflections of the brand.  We’ve seen it time and time again—we approach a sales counter—no eye contact, no hello, just “what can I do for you” in a monotone.  That is your first impression of the brand.  On the other hand, the glad-handing, high energy sales rep with a commission gleam in his eye is also a reflection of the brand.  So if the brand experience, not to mention the product, falls short of your expectation, are you going to purchase from that company again? Not likely.  That’s because those companies don’t care, or are talking to you in the voice they think you want to hear.  But when the voice and the product live up to or exceeds your expectation, you become a repeat customer.

When you get to your true voice, your honest voice, then you are showing your brand, your identity, who you are and why it matters. Those who take the risk of being out there for the world to understand receive the largest gains.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to build more likes on your Facebook page or selling million dollar yachts’, your voice needs to say who you are in the most honest way possible.

Here is a portion of the definition for “human voice” provided by Wikipedia:

“The human voice consists of sound made by a human being using the vocal folds, a body part, for talking, singing, laughing, crying, screaming, etc.”

So you see, we are born with the ability to change our voice, but can you speak to your customer, your staff and/or your investors in your best brand voice?  Do you need help with your Brand Voice? – Force 5 can help.  Oh, we can help with the puppy voice too.  Our staff members, Brady and Sophie can be ready at a moment’s notice!