2011 Winner of A Force for Good

The winner of the 2011 A Force for Good non-profit awareness contest is “St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty.”  The winner was chosen by an outside selection committee made up local marketing professionals.  The decision was difficult due to the wide range of highly qualified Non-profit finalists.  Congratulations SJC Bridges! And a huge thank you to all our judges and voters.

“The St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative (SJC Bridges) provides an innovative community wide approach to seek solutions to break the cycle of poverty.  SJC Bridges puts concepts, tools, and relationships in the hands of people in poverty. With our partner organizations, more than 400 people graduated from a 15-week GETTING AHEAD workshop where participants make a plan to move to self-sufficiency. We’ve developed innovative programs that support graduates to take the next steps through employment, gaining financial knowledge and resources, and building social capital and relationships with community allies. We have also educated more than 1500 employers, educators, social workers and other professionals and concerned individuals and provided avenues to get involved. SJC Bridges is changing lives, impacting organizations and advocating for community investment. We are a national model supporting and inspiring other communities in the region and across the country.” – Bonnie Bazata, Executive Director

Again, thank you to all that participated!  The Team at Force 5 is committed to doing good work for people who do good works.  A Force for Good is an annual contest that will continue to grow.  Please share your comments and be sure to let us know if you became more aware about any of our 19 nominees because of this contest.