Dickies Restaurant Menu

Farm to Table

Getting Hungry?  Swan Lake Resort wanted to highlight their Farm to table offerings-along with over 30 craft beers-so Force 5 stepped up to the plate (pardon the pun), and created a menu that reflected the chef’s attitude about his food and the restaurant’s culture.  From Bison Burgers to the latest craft beer, our menu set the table. (pardon the pun #2..)

FONTS USED: Antonio, Goudy, Dancing Script, and Kitchen Dingbats for good measure.


STOCK: 80# Cover, white, uncoated


Butcher paper was scanned to create the texture used on the front cover.

The client wanted a “New York butcher-shop” type feel. Food illustrations were used throughout the menu, and black, gray and red made up the color palette.

There are interesting facts about the locally sourced items used at Dickies.